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    大众羽毛球运动也有水平等级考试啦!2018年7月1日,中国首届羽毛球水平等级考试在杭州圆满举办。作为组织者,世界羽毛球培训协会(World Badminton Training Association,简称WBTA)执行会长朱蕴懿终于松了一口气,首届考级的成功举办让朱会长可以开始考虑如何将考级更大范围地推广应用。此前,朱会长从考官的培训,考试的报名,现场的布置,考试成绩的评价、整理、乃至证书的制作几乎参与到每个细节的准备。她根据18年的大众羽毛球教学经验,负责起草了《羽毛球水平考级标准》的核心部分内容。
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  • Pi Hongyan, Pedro Yang Excited About YOG Role

    Pi Hongyan and Pedro Yang are the two Athlete Role Models (ARMs) in badminton at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires in October this year.

  • Lee Chong Wei, Kidambi Srikanth in same half of Asia Championships draw

    Wuhan: Two former World No. 1 players, Lee Chong Wei of Malaysian and Kidambi Srikanth of India have been drawn in the same half of the 2018 Asia Championships, as Lin Dan, joined Chen Long in a star-studded bottom half of the men’s singles draw.

    Two-time former champion Lee Chong Wei could meet Kidambi Srikanth, whom he recently defeated at the Commonwealth Games men’s singles final in the quarter-finals prior to a possible semi-final showdown against No. 4 seeds Shi Yuqi of China, who is bidding to capture his first Asia Championships crown.