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Badminton Level Test

Badminton Level Test

Junior Badminton Level Test

Coach qualification

Coach qualification

Badminton Coach, Sports Teacher, College Student Coach Certification

badminton competition

badminton competition

badminton competition


China , France , Australia, American

More features

Expert team

Experienced team of badminton coaches domestic and abroad.

Multimedia teaching and practical exercises

Multimedia interactive teaching, no student exercises, correct teaching problems.

International Badminton Teaching Camp

Coaches who meet diverse cultures, through badminton clubs in various countries, conduct badminton study exchanges and competitions.

Badminton Technical diagnosis

Professional players’ technical movements are corrected, technical and tactical enhancements, and foreign players are provided with targeted guidance.

Professional Badminton Club guide

Professional Badminton Club's domestic exchanges, enhance the overall technical and tactical level of the club, and provide solutions.

Badminton Gym Cooperative Operation

We provides a comprehensive cooperation program that promotes the popularity of the badminton gym and provides training guidance.